About Ketamine 

Clinical studies have shown that ketamine exerts rapid and sustained antidepressant effects in patients with bipolar depression, treatment-resistant depression, depression with suicidal ideation and post-traumatic stress disorder. However, ketamine’s use is associated with undesirable side effects, requires invasive administration, and because of the drug’s downsides, patients must be strictly monitored and treated on-site at a healthcare facility – all causing relatively poor patient compliance and limiting it clinical use. 


About Amorsa’s Technology

Amorsa’s approach has been to design similar molecules that have the potential to deliver ketamine’s rapid antidepressant effect without its negative side effects. With this in mind, Amorsa made the novel discover of the beneficial actions of ketamine’s deuterated active metabolites, deuterated (R)- and (S)-norketamine, for neuropsychiatric disorders. Our preclinical program has identified several defined compounds with varying pharmacokinetic properties, which demonstrate efficacy equivalent to ketamine but with improved, highly differentiated properties – including a significantly reduced potential for dissociative effects, substantially increased oral bioavailability and extended drug exposure.